Lifecycle Services

Wren House Studio Garden, Drozda, 2015

It’s a BIG inquiry…

How will you creatively navigate your life?

Lifecycle is a creative tool for change focusing on:






Three primary ways to invest in yourself and experience Lifecycle:

30 minute Introduction to Lifecycle:  The Mini

Primary foundation Lifecycle Consultation

Yearly Lifecycle Update

Invitation-only Extended Lifecycle Sessions


Let’s do this!

Let’s change the way we ‘C’ … scared to sacred. 

A Lifecycle Testimonial:

I first discovered Iona through her book of prayer-poems for care-givers.
Next came the discovery of her artwork—treasures that tell stories.

I’ve been privileged to attend Iona’s studios at Virginia MOCA and have participated in her sesasonal women’s circles.
Her blog has been a big favorite and UP-lift for many years. And then came LIFECYCLE!

Not only has Iona gifted my life with her art, she has also gifted it with her wisdom.
Iona has a way of seeing through things, a way of finding the “pearls” to encourage and inspire. Lifecycle is an investment with immediate returns to the creative SELF.

Lifecycle is an affirmation of SELF. I found it a re-minder of the unique “who” that I am and the intention of my journey—extremely helpful information to have anytime, and especially when facing bigger changes or challenges.

I highly recommend an opportunity to work with Iona through LIFECYCLE. 

Judy Peltz: artist, explorer, gardener