Care Givers Book

An inspired book bound to help
 the heart of all care givers.

       Jerry Jamplosky, MD

I wrote Twenty Two Prayer Poems for Care Givers while a hospice volunteer.


“I am responsible for what I see”


Dear Beloved,

As I go forward into this new day

Surround me with the energy and light of love.

Remind me throughout the day that at any moment

And in any place

I can begin again and give all my concerns to you.

Wherever I go and whoever I see

Or think of let me radiate to that one

A wave of light and love and abundance

So that they too feel the radiance of Your support

And so that together we form the threads that weave

A fabric of contentment and care for all those that

Come into contact with us.

Thank You in advance.   Amen

What Readers Say

When I first read these prayers
it was only four months after my wife
of 54 years died suddenly…
Both as a care giver and one deeply in need, I found each prayer and its accompanying art work resonating with comfort and joy.
Robert Christin, PH.D

I too have been caregiver to my parents, Mom with Alzheimer’s and Dad with stroke related dementia…he lived the last two years with us. It was a gift to have him, but not until it’s over do you realize how much it changed your own self-care…I love your book. I’ll use it myself and have it on hand for other caregiver’s…love your use of the Course!  

I so appreciate your painting…I would love to have one hanging in my home!

Pamela Hemmes

Donna your work is so powerful and emotive, it stirs something deep inside me!

That is the beauty of art, you have inspired me to re-engage with my own artistic skills. What a beautiful gift for all the care-givers of the world.

Thank you, Jaspreet Kaur


Rosalynn Carter’s recent testimony before congress might teach each of us in turn:

There are only four kinds of people in the world

  1. Those who have been caregivers

  2. Those who currently are caregivers

  3. Those who will be caregivers

  4. And those who will need caregivers

Since publishing the original volume of Twenty-Two Prayer Poems for Care Givers I’ve learned a great deal more about the necessity of being Care Givers of the Self.

The Prayer/Poems have grown and blossomed for me over time. More and more they point, like arrows, to the daily choice and opportunity we each have… to learn to take wise and good care of what Tibetan Buddhist’s call this “precious human life”.

It requires tremendous courage to care…to either give or to receive care; may you be courageous and…

Fare Thee Well…
in all ways, for always,

Donna Iona Drozda
Virginia Beach, 2017

Visit Hospice Foundation of America for information
on hospice and palliative care

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