Extended Lifecycle (XLC) Series

Wren House Studio Garden, Drozda

Thanks again for bringing such beauty into my life.
L. R. 

Extended Lifecycle (XLC) is where ‘the rubber meets the road’.

During the XLC personal coaching sessions we partner and collaborate so that

you take the wheel driving yourself forward with confident joy and clear intent. 

XLC coaching supports your ability to transform your life with courage and grace.

During each monthly session (and during optional homework) you

create your road map leading to an expansive, deep and empowered relationship

with your personal creative energy.  


XLC coaching sessions encourage travel to fresh new inner landscapes

exploring your Creative Destiny. 


Recent XLC client testimonies:


Thank you for a fabulous flowing start to my morning and the rest of the month.
You have a lovely presence and rock-in skills!

Living to my full creative ability,

Just want to also tell you how very much I got out of our
session last night…so many GREAT insights and ideas to implement as I go
along from this sorta-nadir point of the past three years! 
You’re a sorceress of the greatest magnitude and I am always and ever grateful to be one of the
beneficiaries of your magic!

                 Much love and many warm hugs, M. S.

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XLC Series: Pay in full

Option 2/monthly  $150.00:


XLC Lifecycle_ monthly