Lifecycle Update: Your Yearly Tune-UP

Wren House Studio Garden, Drozda

I have been consulting with Donna through her Lifecycle work for more than 30 years. I would not let a year go by without an update from her, so valuable are the insights I gain. She has provided thoughtful and much-treasured guidance for me at all the important stages and changes in my life.

Kathleen Cerveny, OH



Stay on your path. Create the healthiest environment in which your character will

flourish and thrive.

Your yearly Lifecycle Update provides a physical, emotional and spiritual tune-up.

This is an inspired path bringing you back into harmony.


Stay on track following your Creative Destiny!


Lifecycle Update is the opportunity to explore key areas of challenge and/or areas

of life where you feel the desire to become renewed and refreshed.


It feels expansive and energizing to place a spotlight on your gifts and skills!  


The Lifecycle Update is designed to support you in taking gentle yet dynamic steps

forward month by month through the coming 12-18 months.


Cost of Lifecycle Update: