Lifecycle Consultation


The journey to home is merely the awareness of where you are always and where you have been forever, it is a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed.
 A Course In Miracles

Your Lifecycle Journey begins here!

 Traveling through life you gain

Wisdom. You realize that thoughts and

feelings radiate out from your Center making an impact upon those around you.

It is to your benefit, and healing for the world, to have tools for a naturally balanced,

loving and joyful approach to life.

In this spirit I am pleased to share Lifecycle with you and 

                    ‘All Our Relations’


Your 90 minute Lifecycle Consultation MP3 recording is emailed to you as a secure download. The 1.5 hours of insight and information, based upon your personal data, provides support structures to help you experience, express, create and contribute your authentic creative voice opening the path 12 – 18 months ahead.

Included in your order is the optional 30 minute Follow-UP^ allows you the opportunity to make comments, ask questions and to hear about exciting next steps…as the cycles of your Life continue.

Cost: $195.00

Personal information creates the foundation for your Lifecycle Consult:

  • Date of birth

  • Name on your birth certificate

  • Two paragraph sample of your handwriting…written on UN-lined paper and sent via snail mail to: You can also include your personal check in payment:

    P. O. Box 68324
    Virginia Beach, VA 23471

 Lifecycle is your Personal GPS navigation tool…cool

    • Grow your focus
    • Celebrate your Purpose
    • Open to Synchronicity 

Your Birth Date

Full Name (first, middle and last as they appear on your birth certificate)