Choice is Now

Welcome to the art/life trail…and the Full Clearing Moon!

I’m so appreciative of our being on the trail together. We are now deep within the Underworld of the Dark Feminine.

Follow your breath inward and drop into your womb cave, your belly, your Orenda, where regeneration and recreation are naturally taking place. It’s the quieting time of the year.

This is your yearly opportunity to sink down into sweet rejuvenating darkness. This sweet darkness is the place from which you originate. This sweet darkness is the place to which we return. My 2 year old grandson knew instinctively of the ‘darkness club’. Here on the trail we call it the Mystery and we set aside time to visit. The Mystery is just that. The Mystery is the unknown and the not to be known. Either the Mystery is going to stop you in your tracks or its gifts will arrive and catapult you into your budding brilliance.

Choice is Now

As we wander into this territory between winter solstice and spring equinox we’re in pioneering mode. It requires the full 12 weeks to traverse this span. The three moon/months of January, February and March provide the necessary time for clearing, renewing and purifying your physical, emotional and intuitive focus. Come spring we will be ready.

Imagine that by spring you will be resourced, recharged and eager to turn toward action. We are oriented by then to the energy of inner masculine. We see outward movement as the primary focus through spring and summer.

Currently  we’re in the depth quadrant composed of 12 weeks of not knowing. There is an inordinate amount of fear that attends not knowing. We all want to know! We may have been raised to figure it out. We may have been told to ‘chew on the problem’ until we get the answer.


And yet for this brief period on the Natural Wheel, this time from the shortest day and through the slow advance of the light, during this exceptional stretch through the Mystery, it makes sense to pause and lean into the not knowing. These 12 weeks are for inward wandering and wondering. Be a curious and creative being. Be willing to trust that something wonderful is on its way.

Center: The Ancestors and the elements, Drozda, applique

Here during the Clearing/Cleansing Moon/Month of January reconnect to your Center and find your way home to your lineage and ancestory…this may or may not be biological. In the circle above we see images that comprise the Center of the Natural Wheel. These are the true Ancestors and they move through all living things: Grandfather Sun, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth. Additionally the elements of fire, water, earth and air infuse all.  

It’s appropriate and enlivening during the Clearing Moon/Month to release anything that distracts you. Dig around. Find the creative juice that pools into the muck and the mire. Be willing to let go of the patterns and the thought forms that make trouble. Be bold! Take charge! Give fifteen precious minutes a day to the Center of your Being. 

The Natural Calendar, Drozda, Circle gathering

Throughout the Mystery Quadrant: I post two entries from my book:

To Choose

I decide upon the goal I would achieve.

Dearest Old Friend,

Today I trust Your guidance.
You teach me that I am here only to be truly helpful.
Caring is my choice.
Being of assistance is my one true desire.

As I lean into Your arms for comfort show me the way to care.
As I release my need to know outcomes
Show me the way to care.
While I rest in the Center free from attachment, free from aversion,
Teach me how to care.

I am like a child who requires constant quiet support.
Teach me how to care today.

Thank You in advance.

The Wheel of Life

Joy is the vocation of my mind.

Dear One,

Today I open my heart and my mind.
I am willing to be helped.

There are so many ways in which I feel inadequate
And yet as I give each of these shortcomings to You
I sense the gift that comes to fill the space where the fear once lived.

I remember that You teach me that
Those who temporarily have more
Help those who temporarily have less.

I vow today to care for those that You place before me.
I recognize that there are no accidents or coincidences.
I realize that the people I meet today are a reflection of my love for You.

When it seems too difficult today
I request that You lighten me up.
Show me the gentle humor.
Grant me the longer lighter view.

Today I open my heart and mind.
Enlarge my capacity for joy.


Mother Tree on Retreat Tree Farm, Drozda, 2017

Fifteen minutes per day is all that is required to prime the depth that takes you deeper into the roots of who you really are. Each time you practice… YAY… and if you miss a day there is no penalty you don’t fail…you simply begin again. There is nothing rigid about natural growth…

Sink deep into your roots. Rest. Take a nap. Dream the vision for the year ahead.

These 10 weeks leading up to the spring equinox prompt you to replenish. There is restorative power in fifteen minutes a day invested in solitude.

Rest your sweet self. Be with yourself in the most gentle and nurturing way. Be the good Earth Mother to you. Chart a new course, discover a new path.

Blazing a New Trail, Drozda, 2017

Resistance is also natural…pay attention to how busy you are and how many ways you are legitimately distracted from taking time, fifteen minutes a day, to replenish and restore.

I invite you to share this post with your dear ones so that together you might collaborate on deepest good care. We have 10 weeks remaining of traveling through the restorative time.  Be with the intuitive guidance to clear away what is no longer needed. In this way creative space is made for renewal. 

I’m so glad that we are here together.

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What a great way to sink deep and prepare for the coming spring 😉

See you next time on the art/life trail.

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