Difficult or Impossible to Understand

Welcome to the art/life trail and to the world of 2017! This is a critical year for taking a stand, having a vision. Let’s be willing to move forward without fear and without having the who, the how, the when, the why or the where in place. Sounds unsettling and confounding…also highly opportune for new levels […]


Welcome to the trail! Thank you for being here and for your willingness to follow the path of your art/life as it lines up with the monthly focus points on the Natural Calendar…ever an interesting ride! We have moved through the first two moon/months, Experience and Introspection, of the fall quarter. I hope that you […]

I Run with the Reindeer

We return from four days at the tree farm well rested, sleeping like stones, lulled by whip-o-will echoing calls from one side of the wooded creek bed to the other. I had not heard a whip-o-will calling til my first spring at the farm several years ago. Watching a trio of bats dip and spiral […]

Kindled, Grounded and Spacious

 Goddess in the Making, Drozda, Acrylic/canvas, 36 by 36 inches, 1996, available for purchase We are all such exquisite and ruthless combinations of wisdom and woundedness. Jan Crawford Welcome to the art/life trail ride! It’s the last week in our 30 day Wisdom challenge…what does it mean to be wise? As you’ve moved through the […]

Walking Each Other Home

Welcome to this weeks art/life trail ride!   April is over. It’s useful to notice that we’ve invested a full moon/month clearing space. Clear space (whether internal or external) brings Clarity. What we’ve gained will travel on with us. YAY…Clear…what a wonderful way to begin! Each year the Natural Calendar opens with the April moon cycle […]

Let Your Body Sing

Welcome to the art/life trail ride! It’s the third week in the Clarity cycle (April 7 – May 6) the element that kicks off this Natural Year is fire. ‘Homage’, Drozda, Acrylic/board, 20 x 16″ Be ignited and lit up! Find the idea and inspiration that has motivation and momentum…power and thrust! Cast your vision […]

Got Clarity?

Welcome to the art/life trail ride during the second week in April! Our keyword for this moon/month (April 7 – May 6) is Clarity. “Why do some people stop growing at age 30, just going from work to the couch and television, when others stay vibrant, curious, almost childlike, into their 80s and 90s?”   […]

A Handy Practice

THE ART OF CREATING THE FUTURE Glacier National Park Deer, Kevin LeFevre, photographer Welcome to our fourth week on the January art/life trail ride. This week we make space for new creative vision. To facilitate this we did a dismount at the beginning of the month taking time out of the saddle. January’s keyword: ‘Clearing’ creates […]

The Bodhicitta Heart

Welcome to this week’s art/life trail ride…September keyword/focus point: Love. What lights you up and makes you feel radiant?  Bodhicitta Heart, Drozda, Mixed media on board, 2010 “I tell you the more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”       Vincent Van Gogh “Until […]

Moon-Walking Luna-tic

My 5.5 years in the high security lock-up ward pitched me off the regular clock. Being in the ward made me privy to other dimensions in time. It wasn’t my first instance of being thrown out of the mainstream. The difference during the lock-up years was that I elected to have the experience.  I made the decision First; a […]