Welcome to Lifecycle at Wren House Studio

butterfly metamorphis


comes with the awareness that nothing changes until we take a risk…


Do you feel that there is more on the horizon?

Are you inspired to bring passion to your days?

Are you curious about how it feels to move into a creative response rather than a stress reaction to life?

Have you sensed an urge to take a quantum leap into your best  life ?

 Lifecycle is a creative energy infusion
that leaves you feeling nourished and

 I developed Lifecycle through a lifetime of process, creative engagement, designing and leading programs, working as a creative coach and experiencing the deep connection made with hundreds of clients through analysis of handwriting. I invite you to experience Lifecycle and to feel the power of making joy the vocation of your mind.

“You speak to women inclined to self-examination. Women who recognize their feminine/creative energy…their connection to Earth Energy.

Earth Energy and Sky Energy, however narrow or broadly one labels that relationship, anyone curious about or in touch with the cycle of creativity seen in nature:

Earth Cycles

Lunar Cycles

Internal Cycles…


This is a place I want to return.”

Sunny Mosley, Artist/Writer


Lifecycle is created as a collaboration: You and I dive deep

In my studio an analysis of your current handwriting is prepared along with your Lifecycle© energy blueprint.

Next I record your 90 minute consultation and send you the MP3 file. After you listen we schedule the optional 30 minute Q&A conference call.

More than twenty years of Lifecycle collaborations, allows me to substantiate your current strengths as well as empower your current transformation by naming the shadows and blocks that are presently holding you back.

Your Lifecycle session provides specific insights, optional ‘homework’ and inspiration supporting you in being peacefully receptive and joyfully active within the container of the year before you.

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Lifecycle is delivered to your email box as an MP3 download

Together let’s honor the meaning that matters most:

The evolution of your creative contribution…

Here in the Present

Gently Down the Stream

 You are the Here-O