When I applied for my Lifecycle Consultation and XLC sessions a few years ago I was facing the challenge of finding my artist self, the creative part of me hidden under all of my other life choices and obligations.  I was truthfully a little lost as to how to find that creative part of myself. 

Both the consultation and the XLC sessions put me back on track to finding my authentic artist self. I am in the process of uncovering what needs to be done and taking active steps toward making it happen.  I feel like all things are possible as I do this incredibly deep and rewarding work for myself. 

I so look forward to my monthly XLC conference calls with Donna. Donna has a special way of focusing in on exactly what I need to work on to stay on track with my creative goals.  She goes above and beyond in terms of kindness, attention and support.
I enjoy creating my contracts and having documentation of my growth. I consider myself very lucky for this incredible opportunity to work with Donna Drozda!

Theresa Kennish, NJ


Theresa Kennish update:

July 2, 2016:

Hi!! I did my homework from our last XLC session and wow!!! My yoga teacher went bananas for the idea of combining yoga and painting in an upcoming show and workshop. I did a trial run at my house yesterday. She was over the moon!!  And this is all thanks to our  wonderful XLC collaboration!! Thank  you, Donna for being the most amazing , intuitive,  supportive mentor ever!! 🌞🌟💕


Iona set me straight on self-doubt. 

I was feeling that my gifts and passions weren’t doing enough for the greater good when she pointed out that what I produce through my gifts and passions serves a great purpose for others.  Her insight and depth into the soul of her clients is unsurpassed. 

I am a new client and can see that working with Iona on perhaps a seasonal basis would keep me on higher ground and on the straight and narrow path toward my own greater good!


Felice Willat,www.felicewillatphotography.com , 


Creator: Day Runner Personal Organizers, Tools With Heart 


I first discovered Iona through her book of prayer-poems for care-givers.
Next came the discovery of her artwork—treasures that tell stories.
I’ve been privileged to attend Iona’s art classes at MOCA and have participated in her women’s circles.
Her blog has been a big favorite and UP-lift for many years. And then came LIFECYCLE!

Not only has Iona gifted my life with her art, she has also gifted it with her wisdom.
Iona has a way of seeing through things, a way of finding the “pearls” to encourage and inspire. Lifecycle is an investment with immediate returns to the creative SELF.

Lifecycle is an affirmation of SELF. I found it a re-minder of the unique “who” that I am and the intention of my journey—extremely helpful information to have anytime, and especially when facing bigger changes or challenges.

I highly recommend an opportunity to work with Iona through LIFECYCLE. 

Judy Peltz: artist, explorer, gardener


Lifecycle has taught me how to believe in myself as an artist.  It’s through this awesome

experience of self-discovery that I, in my mid-forties, finally learned to say “Yes!” to my

unique way of seeing through a camera lens. 

Lifecycle has been a life changing process that continues to bring me so much joy! AbbieKorman

 Thank you Iona! 

Abbie Korman, VA


I highly recommend the full spectrum of Lifecycle Services.

I had my first Lifecycle consultation with Donna in 1997 and have not missed an annual update since. It’s like receiving an energy tune-up. During especially challenging and transitional years, I’ve utilized her XLC series where her ability to listen, to clarify, and to stimulate has been immensely helpful.

Donna also offers a variety of on-line and in-person workshops, all aimed at stimulating and bringing out the best in each participant.

In addition to her work as a Lifecycle consultant, Donna is a motivational speaker, author, educator, and a fine artist of large canvas tapestries and small collage works.

I am grateful and honored to call Donna a close friend, mentor and trusted consultant. I hope you find her work as inspiring as I do.Sandra Oct 2013

Sandra ‘Sunny’ Mosley, HI
Zodiac Arts


Having turned 59 years old this year…..Searching for what and how the remaining years, chapters of my life will look…what’s next for me?

What matters? Deep concern for the disconnect in my 26 year marriage. The lack of joy, laughter and spontaneity in my life. Feeling as if I don’t fit in my current world, feeling stuck.

I’ve experienced a number of Lifecycle readings and they have always been deeply insightful, encouraging and motivating.

Lifecycle inspires me to trust and listen to my inner-self/voice, my intuition…reminding me of the innate value that is within me, helping me to cultivate the spirit of change, flow and growth while moving through the cycles/transitions of  life with eyes, body and heart wide open.

Lifecycle supports and encourages me to trust and work toward and on a path of integrity and authenticity in my relationships, and my work in the world while broadening my views of self and others. Looking at difficulty and turning toward the difficult sticky stuff in life with an openness.

For me, Lifecycle offers and invites a spaciousness for opportunities, challenges, creativity, self worth/awareness…growth. Also, having the privilege to know and work with Donna Iona Drozda…. an amazing woman, guide and mentor.


Sarah Myers, OH
Body-worker, Licensed Massage Therapist, oncology massage therapist, End of Life Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, momma


My journey through Extended Life Cycle (XLC) has been amazing.
I am getting ready to retire which has been frightening and a huge adjustment.

My identity has been wrapped around my career and I had fear of who I would be and what I would do.

Using Life Cycle to understand this process has been so helpful to understand that I am me, not my job. Life Cycle brings clarity to the process of navigating through life. 

Thank You Donna


Jan Ashton, FL.
Senior Account Executive
NBC/ABC…and soon (September 2017)…Freedom to create my new chapter!


I have been consulting with Donna through her Lifecycle work for more than 30 years.

I would not let a year go by without an update from her, so valuable are the insights I gain.

She has provided thoughtful and much-treasured guidance for me at all the important stages and changes in my life. 

The honest validations and compassionate wisdom that come through her deeply committed attention to her work with me have made a positive difference in how I think about myself and how I respond to the challenges and opportunities I have faced in my life over these three decades.

Sparkle and Poems

Kathleen Cerveny, OH
Artist, Grantmaker and 2013-15 Cleveland Heights Poet Laureate


When I first began the XLC process I would have to say I felt a calling to go within, to move from that outer world of action, people, and “life” itself to the rich inner vibrancy and creativity buried somewhere deep inside of me that I had lost touch with over the years. It wasn’t that my current lifestyle and way of being was “bad”, it was just that I knew it was time to move on—beyond the current expectations and roles I had assumed.

Increasingly I wanted to feel 100% authentic, where my vision, and the choices and behaviors to align myself with that vision were connected with a Higher Plan—far greater than I could possibly imagine.

The results that occurred following my Lifecycle sessions in two words—magic and miracles!  The XLC consultations drove and supported me to a state of wholeness and authenticity, with a heck of a lot of work, of course.  At a time when many people “retire” (maybe they actually retire from their jobs or maybe they just retire from life, even though they have to keep working to earn a living), I feel I’m in a whole new state of beginning.  That may sound like an overused and trite phrase from some people’s perspective but guess what?  Even though it can be a challenge at times, I am having a lot more fun doing work aligned with my life’s purpose in such a way where I feel confident, joyful, and integrated with my true self, and that is something pretty special!

For me what makes Lifecycle work:

(1)The XLC Contract you make with your Higher Self—I had no idea of the absolute power of an intention, followed by the creation of a personal vision, which felt much like drawing a line in the sand and saying, “This is who I am, this is who I am striving to become.  These are the thought and behavior patterns that will support me.  This is what negates me.   Let’s get to work!”

(2) Sitting in the presence of an extraordinary listener who is 100% focused on supporting you.  It is in this “allowing” space that the possibilities for new ways of being begin to come forth.

(3) I loved the practical tools and practices Donna suggested as optional “homework”   that expanded my awareness, knowledge, or ability to handle a difficult situation in a different way.

(4) Without the XLC sessions, I don’t think I would have remained as committed and focused on my contract goals.  This XLC work is often rewarding and yet at times very challenging and frightening because you are really entering into a whole new world within yourself.  I found the regularity of the sessions, along with Donna’s tremendous support, to be key ingredients for feeling at the end of the day, that I had really accomplished something important to me.ChrisWilliams_2015

Chris Williams, OH



My challenge and obstacle was very basic, attempting to find the truth of who I am. To make sense of my purpose and to find peace within the chaos I often felt. My first Lifecycle session was in 1994 and 21 years later I continue to value the annual giving of wisdom and practical application that Lifecycle provides.
There is always an excitement and sense of affirmation that comes with a Lifecycle Consultation.

Donna applies her expertise, knowledge, experience, compassion, and innate gifts to gather information from a wide variety of sources to make the consultation ‘user-friendly’. The results are numerous. With each listening of the recording, new awareness arise.  It is just great to be re-minded about the potential of the year ahead and how it relates to the other cycles of life that have passed. I can be as involved in the process as I like, do the homework or not.  I feel empowered to take steps I wouldn’t have known about without Lifecycle. 

It is the total personal, ‘about me’ perspective and the very objective, impersonal, practical, hands-on, viable, workable, down-to-earth information that makes Lifecycle so much fun… resulting in a truly unique way to approach the journey of life.  It simply works!  Don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself!

SaraSara Wasserman, CA.
Art Therapist, Counselor, Health Care Professional

Throughout the last 20 + years that I have been working with Donna, her words, ideas, images, and homework have always appeared when I have been struggling, with any number of issues (self-esteem; change; relationships; family situations, etc.

CoryYoung, center
Dr. Cory Young, center, with her parents

                 As always, when I listen to her, think about her experiences and the wisdom she offers, a path to resolving the struggles seems to come (not always right away, but always at the right time).  The Lifecycle recordings, the snail mail cards, emails and blog posts all help me remember that I am struggling for a reason and that I can figure out a way to “Stop it”!

Cory Young, NY
Ithica College, Associate Professor 


I have been working with Donna for 29 years. She is coach, mentor, sister and friend. She is the person I call when I need direction. When we talk it becomes a clearing for creativity, an opening for something new to emerge.

I feel heard and loved…recharged and ready to move forward!

Donna has given me help to make my life on the planet more meaningful and fulfilling.  KathleenStefancin_testimonial

Kathleen Stefancin, OH

President of Smartpicks, Inc. 


I was feeling lost and confused, not knowing how to find my way forward.  I was in “overwhelm”, beset by problems I would, never in a million years, have thought I would encounter, including alienation from my son to not knowing where I would live and how I could afford to make ends meet as the crisis unfurled. 

I turned to Donna, who let me see through different eyes and proceed with enthusiasm rather than dread, enabling me to recover enough energy and joy to embrace my impending “new adventure in moving” and emerge on the other side full of excitement and a deep sense of purpose.

Donna, what you do is simply magic. There is nothing ‘out there’ even remotely similar that I know of!  You combine esoteric sciences, natural cycles, inner wisdom, lifelong learning of a vast variety of traditions, in addition to practical insights and top it all off with profound gentleness and love. Your verbal light guides me home to my deepest yearnings, my most authentic self. 

In our western culture we seem to have single word descriptions and simple definitions but these are just so woefully inadequate when it comes to describing what you do!  I think every woman who is fortunate enough to find you will soon understand what I’m saying – that there is no one like you anywhere…no one who does what you do and who “pulls it all together” as you do to give each of us the sense that you are right there alongside them to point them to their grandest, sometimes-elusive path. 

To anyone wondering if they should sign up for a Lifecycle Consultation I finally DO have a word…and it is YES!  Then you will see for yourself how very different and uplifting Lifecycle is and how it clarifies what is happening in your life so that you can flow in the best and happiest way possible with all that Life is bringing you! 

All I can say is that Donna Iona cuts through the seeming pain and problems to that higher perspective and those underlying opportunities within the tangles, confusion, and problems we all hit along the way.  Feeling out of sorts and off-track? Donna deftly turns you back toward center, fills your tank, and sends you on your way to do the great things you were born to do in this lifetime!

Marianne-testimonial2015Marianne Stanley, LA
Artist, Writer


My challenge and obstacles = abandonment and self-esteem issues. 

Lifecycle has given me a clear understanding of my past allowing me to live my present and future in a healthier and more positive way.

Donna’s compassion, experience and insight has helped me to feel empowered and supported.
I now look at life in ways that help me to know myself as who I really am. Lifecycle is a clear life map and pathway which has helped me to love my Self and to not abandon myself.

I look forward every year to my Lifecycle Update with my mentor Donna Drozda.

Georgianne1-testimonialGeorgianne Kazmir, OH
Designer, Reiki Master, Reflexology Practioner 


My challenge is typical for those of us in the elder years, to really understand my life purpose, and then to find ways to optimally express that purpose.  

I’ve had a productive business career, raised children, cared for parents and now have time to do what I find most fulfilling but its hard to decide which way to turn.  

I needed to change habits of being constantly “busy” so that I could think of and be open to new ideas. 

The Lifecycle Consultation provides a wealth of information from which I draw insights, both about my past strengths and challenges, and about the opportunities that await my efforts going forward.  

XLC sessions serve as a catalyst to define and clarify my life work going forward.

I’ve learned to pay attention to what’s going on in my life in relation to my life goals and what I’m working toward.

I notice how I react and feel about what happens, and with Donna’s guidance I am developing my own internal GPS of self-guidance.

Donna makes Lifecycle work for me. Her wisdom and insight are the key components of what has made this such a valuable exercise for me.  

LindaReddingtonLinda Reddington, VA

Energy Medicine Healer


As a business owner, my life seems at times to be nothing but mega stress. Working with Donna really helps me keep my perspective.  And keeping my focus on what’s important lets life flow.

AnnFierro_testimonialAnn Fierro, FL