Summertime and Living is a…Gift

Just back from a 5 day tree farm retreat. We are off the grid. Lighting is managed by plugging a low wattage lamp into an alternator that is connected to a deep cell marine battery. There is a deep cell battery in my small works studio and another in the cabin. From this same set-up we […]

Go for the Gold!

Welcome to our first post in June! We’re on the art/life trail ride and the keyword each June is Illumination. Our challenge this moon/month is to be bright and radiant! Are you ready to shine? Here is a reminder of one gift we received in this year’s Lifecycle Forecast: “In 2016, dispose of the old. […]

There’s Gold Inside of You

Welcome to the art/life trail ride! We are traveling through the fourth week of February ‘The Renewal Moon’ cycle. ‘Stillpoint #2′, Drozda, Acrylic/canvas, 24 x 36″, 2008 Throughout this month we’ve been noticing the ways that Renewal can play a bold and dynamic part in the creative process. Do you tell yourself that there’s already too much […]

Grace Pace

Welcome to our fourth week on the January art/life trail ride. January keyword: ‘Clearing’ relates this week to clearing the mind. A clear mind creates an open path into The Mystery.  Going forward we’re making way for renewed creative focus. ‘Esperance’, Drozda, mixed media/canvas, 72 x 54” The Mystery opens into a clearing of synchronicity. We have 7 […]

Stand Clear…

Welcome to our third week on the January art/life trail ride. January’s keyword: ‘Clearing’ … relates to creating space. Creating space seems like a topic that doesn’t need much additional investigation…and yet as we all know sometimes there is soooo much and tooooo much and we don’t know where to start…some of us suffer from […]

The More Experience You Have

“The more experience you have, the more possibilities you can create.” Tim Gunn Black Rat Snake, Drozda, 2010 Welcome to this week’s art/life trail ride. Since we last met…Wren House has been burglarized and ransacked. Three hours away at my retreat farm an email from my neighbor informs me that ‘things don’t look right’ from outside. […]

The Bodhicitta Heart

Welcome to this week’s art/life trail ride…September keyword/focus point: Love. What lights you up and makes you feel radiant?  Bodhicitta Heart, Drozda, Mixed media on board, 2010 “I tell you the more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”       Vincent Van Gogh “Until […]

My Little Pony

Welcome to this week’s trail ride…this is our second week in September the month of Love . It’s a fine time to share this image of me at seven…in Love with life…pictured here with my first piece of ‘official’ art made in second grade shop class. We picked out our pattern, drew it onto the […]

Being a Force of Nature

The truth is that, without writing, it is difficult for most people to go into their thought. By writing you slow thought down, find its emotional context in experience, and give yourself the chance to feel its meaning. As E.M. Forster famously asked, “How can I tell what I think till I see what I say? […]

Listen UP!

Welcome to our weekly art/life trail ride! I trust that new insights and adventures are meeting you in every direction! The art/life power word for August is Trust. defines Trust: 1. reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence. 2. confident expectation of something; hope. We learn to trust life through the ups and the downs.  I use this time each year to consider new and […]