Experience the Love…

Welcome to the art/life trail… I’m so glad that you are here for a joyful celebration of the equinox! Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, we enter the West Gate on the Natural Calendar.  Experience in October leads to Introspection in November. By then you will have the frame work for how to move fluidly into […]

Get Lit UP^

~ Welcome to the art/life trail ride ~ We are a dedicated group of artful gardeners flowing with the circle of the seasons. Each of us in our own way volunteers to line up with the creative energy of the year.  2017 sets us off on a new path opening to the uncharted territory of the Creative Decade […]

A Different Set of Options

Welcome to the art/life trail.   Throughout fall and winter we explore the Underworld of the Divine Feminine, the instinctive, intuitive, nurturing and nourishing Good Mother within. She is endowed with the ability to infuse each of us with a connection to roots and to treasures residing deep and wide. This feminine aspect is waiting. She […]

Choice is Now

Welcome to the art/life trail…and the Full Clearing Moon! I’m so appreciative of our being on the trail together. We are now deep within the Underworld of the Dark Feminine. Follow your breath inward and drop into your womb cave, your belly, your Orenda, where regeneration and recreation are naturally taking place. It’s the quieting time […]

Moving into the Mystery

Happy New ‘Cleansing’ Moon! Welcome to many new readers joining us on the slow-flow art/life trail. Temple Door, Drozda, Acrylic/panel, 24 x 18″, Private collection It’s good to travel together going deep into the gold mine. During the six moon/months between fall and spring equinox our journey takes us in and down. We visualize a gold […]

Static on the Line

Welcome to the art/life trail! We are traveling inward and continuing the six month process of sinking deep. The first 90 days (stretching from fall equinox to winter solstice) can be used for mind training. In as little as fifteen quiet minutes a day it becomes possible to connect with intuitive guidance. This type of mind […]

The Pervading Influence

Welcome to the art/life trail. For the past three weeks we’ve been contemplating Being horse, opening space to be connected to our personal horsepower. Personal horsepower is the natural ability to be instinctive and free. If we observe horse in the wild she will stand long and long gazing and grazing. She may lie down […]

Horse Sense

Welcome to the art/life trail ride!  Week by week our opportunity, from now until spring equinox, is to turn toward Inner Treasure. In order to accomplish this worthy and inspired goal we line up with s l o w f l o w Several weeks ago we shape-shifted. We became like a healthy youth, got super […]

The Root of the Matter

Welcome to the art/life trail ride. Who  Knows? Maybe the Root Is the Flower Of that Other Life Mary Oliver We are moving down into the roots of the 90 days of fall. This is the Experience month, when it’s possible to really begin (fresh each year) to mature the creative energies of the art/life.  I invite […]

The Cosmic Wheel Turns…

Welcome to the West Gate on the Natural Calendar! We are on the art/life trail ride discovering natural creative connections. The West Gate opens us to our emotions.  The 90 days between fall equinox or Mabon and winter solstice give us a chance to love our destiny. These twelve weeks also provide time to attend to that […]