It’s About Time to Root Deep

~ Welcome to the art/life trail ~ We’re mere weeks to Spring Equinox…and the New Natural Year begins! February and March offer the deepest resting time.  It is now when we root into The Mystery. To help support your creative focus, your free 2018 Personal Year PDF is ready…  Email me …include your birth month […]

Cross Quarter and the Six Weeks Ahead…

Welcome to the art/life trail! It’s Imbolc/Candlemas the cross-quarter day midpoint between solstice and equinox. A deeply quiet time when our culture checks to see if the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, foretells more winter. However you tap in it’s apparent that this is a point of shift in the energy in which we live and move and […]

Follow Your Luna See in 2018

Welcome to the art/life trail for 2018! I’m so glad that you are electing to infuse yourself, your creative life and our world with a bit more ‘Luna-See’.  Dolphin Dance, Drozda, white ink, Prismacolor pencil/black Strathmore paper, 8 x 10″ What we do here on the trail is track the natural, circadian, feminine rhythms moon […]

Great Inner Strength

~ Welcome to the art/life trail ~ During this moon/month we’ve been taking inventory of the true nature of our strength. To keep our focus contained we assess the Strength that has been forged within the first three quarters of this Natural Year. Travel back to March 2017. Review and reflect upon all that you […]

Experience Your Experience

Welcome to the art/life trail and the mid point in our current moon/month! In October something wonderful emerges. There is a shift happening and this unsteady, wobble point gives the gift and the opportunity to consciously reflect on where you have come from in the past 180 days. Look back, in review, to note what […]

The Dark Side of the Sun

Welcome to the art/life trail ride! I’m so glad that you are here! We are moving toward fall. Time to notice where you’re feeling scattered. It’s been a busy action-packed spring and summer.   Begin to breathe the change of the season deep down into your feet. Feel anchored. Time to be settling down Time […]

The August Grace of the Greening Force Pace

The Greening Force is a Feminine Power defined as the natural organic inclination to grow, give birth, midwife a part that we may have yearned and dreamed to experience. Being Present, Drozda, Acrylic/canvas, private collection Think of the Greening Force as a creative tool throughout the fast paced summer months. The opportunity during this ‘make […]

Part 3: Explore Your Greening Force

Welcome to the art/life trail…I’m so happy that you are here! As we continue engaging our 30 Day Growth Challenge consider the commitment to your growing edge. Notice fears, frustrations and concerns regarding your commitment to moving forward and blossoming. Be honest….growth can feel scary. The journal prompts included in teleseminar Part 2: Explore Your […]

How Does Your Brilliance Grow?

Welcome to the art/life trail and summer solstice 2017! Today, June 21, we experience the longest light of the Natural Year…Summer Solstice/Litha marks the South Gate’s opening on the Natural Calendar Wheel. This is an exciting place to pause and take a deep breath. You and me and we have now traveled 90 days (April, […]

Let’s Be Wise

Welcome to the art/life trail ride! We’re moving through the Wisdom Moon/Month of May where the sensual and passionate burgeoning of nature surrounds! In my own backyard I observe a blue bird family, a cardinal nesting pair coming and going from the old boxwood hedge, Canada geese tending their brood across the cove and I […]