Name the Shadow

Welcome to the August art/life trail! We are engaged in the 30 Day Trust Challenge! Solar Eclipse Let’s get to know the shadow. Face it. Name it. Get to know it. Trust is not for the hesitant or the insecure. Trust requires stamina and focus. To remain Trusting requires maturity on the one hand and […]

Let’s Be Wise

Welcome to the art/life trail ride! We’re moving through the Wisdom Moon/Month of May where the sensual and passionate burgeoning of nature surrounds! In my own backyard I observe a blue bird family, a cardinal nesting pair coming and going from the old boxwood hedge, Canada geese tending their brood across the cove and I […]

Create Clarity

Welcome to the art/life trail ride! Throughout April we are on the first step through the East Gate and the keyword for this 30 day challenge is Clarity.  Ask yourself: Where would I benefit from having increased Clairty in my art/life? At the East Gate starting point for the Natural Year we have options. We can […]

What Shall I Create?

Welcome to the art/life trail ride! We have now crossed the threshold into the new Natural Year and the beginning of a brand new 13 moon section of the art/life path!! Imagine what beauty lies ahead! I’m so glad that you are here! We’ve made it. Here we are at the East Pathway. We stand […]

We’ve Arrived…

Happy Vernal Equinox!! “You can go backwards to comfort or forward to growth. You must choose growth again and again. You must challenge your fears again and again.”          Abraham Maslow Welcome to the Art/Life Trail! With the upcoming March 28 new moon we jump back into the saddle and head out onto the trail! […]

A Different Set of Options

Welcome to the art/life trail.   Throughout fall and winter we explore the Underworld of the Divine Feminine, the instinctive, intuitive, nurturing and nourishing Good Mother within. She is endowed with the ability to infuse each of us with a connection to roots and to treasures residing deep and wide. This feminine aspect is waiting. She […]

Choice is Now

Welcome to the art/life trail…and the Full Clearing Moon! I’m so appreciative of our being on the trail together. We are now deep within the Underworld of the Dark Feminine. Follow your breath inward and drop into your womb cave, your belly, your Orenda, where regeneration and recreation are naturally taking place. It’s the quieting time […]

Difficult or Impossible to Understand

Welcome to the art/life trail and to the world of 2017! This is a critical year for taking a stand, having a vision. Let’s be willing to move forward without fear and without having the who, the how, the when, the why or the where in place. Sounds unsettling and confounding…also highly opportune for new levels […]

The North Gate

Welcome to Solstice Week on the Art/Life Trail! The North Gate to the 12 weeks of Mystery opens.   “To open a door in one’s mind, whether in writing, in prayer, or in writing-as-prayer, is to invite an experience of “the deep.” It is rather like standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean […]


Welcome to the trail! Thank you for being here and for your willingness to follow the path of your art/life as it lines up with the monthly focus points on the Natural Calendar…ever an interesting ride! We have moved through the first two moon/months, Experience and Introspection, of the fall quarter. I hope that you […]