Trust to Love

I’ve missed you. It has been four weeks… to the day… since I last met up with you here on the art/life trail ride. I hope that you are well. I Trust that you are savoring this delicious point on the Natural Calendar. This mid-point in September is where we begin to harvest what has […]

At the Cross Road

The Great Escape, Drozda, Acrylic/canvas, 48 x 36 inches, private collection Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training. Anna Freud  Welcome to the art/life trail ride! We are closing the Growth moon/month and the 30 day challenge of exploring emotional balance. How did it go for you? A hefty part […]

Summertime and Living is a…Gift

Just back from a 5 day tree farm retreat. We are off the grid. Lighting is managed by plugging a low wattage lamp into an alternator that is connected to a deep cell marine battery. There is a deep cell battery in my small works studio and another in the cabin. From this same set-up we […]

Go for the Gold!

Welcome to our first post in June! We’re on the art/life trail ride and the keyword each June is Illumination. Our challenge this moon/month is to be bright and radiant! Are you ready to shine? Here is a reminder of one gift we received in this year’s Lifecycle Forecast: “In 2016, dispose of the old. […]

Write Your Own Ticket

The February Renewal Moon brings boldness to the fore. ‘I Die Daily’ (study), Drozda, oil pastel on board, 14 x 14″, 2003, Artist collection Call in a renewed courage!! At this point on the Natural Calendar each opportunity to move forward creates kick-back. Offered the chance to explore we might feel pulled in the opposite direction. Instead […]

The Bodhicitta Heart

Welcome to this week’s art/life trail ride…September keyword/focus point: Love. What lights you up and makes you feel radiant?  Bodhicitta Heart, Drozda, Mixed media on board, 2010 “I tell you the more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”       Vincent Van Gogh “Until […]

Art Outside the Door

Welcome to our Thursday art/life trail ride…I’m so glad that we’re exploring this creative terrain together. This week we visit my favorite studio…that created by our Mother Nature. My joy and appreciation of time out in the open air began early on and is now expanding with my new studio on my fifty acre ‘off […]