My Little Pony

Welcome to this week’s trail ride…this is our second week in September the month of Love .

drozda-second grade pony art

It’s a fine time to share this image of me at seven…in Love with life…pictured here with my first piece of ‘official’ art made in second grade shop class. We picked out our pattern, drew it onto the wood, cut it out with a jigsaw, nailed the base and applied colored pencil details.  

W O W what power to make!

My little pony was created the year I discovered that I would be an artist all my life. What made that clear was that my second grade teacher asked for a volunteer to paint three large cardboard cutouts of bears for the school play of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. I raised my hand and the rest is herstory, the act of painting large and seeing the results of my effort up on stage was thrilling beyond words.  


In Goldilocks there is a ‘just right’ piece to the story. And this week in our jaunt along the trail we’ll explore how that can look in the art/life.

 A just right art/life…now there’s a path…not to hot/not to cold

There are two points in the year when we find conditions are simply ‘just right’ for making shifts and initiating changes.

Today I share the format that keeps me and many others in our tribe on track. I invite, indeed I ask, that you join me in the weeks ahead. Let’s take on the challenge that brings your ‘just right’ art/life center stage. Let’s transform your Future Self and what she stands for. Let’s look out to the six months ahead…that’s a manageable stretch.

I’m enlisting our trail ride this week to open this six month span of space wide. Doing so will pay great dividend as we continue along the trail through the fall and winter coming full circle into spring.

Let me formally introduce you to


lunar phases

Like you, I recognize the insanity of our culturally induced rat race. I am here to remind us all that there is a way to push the pause button and take a deep breath.

Over the past five years I’ve created and I am slowly beginning to share a series of four distinct e-Studios. These are not classes but rather on-line conference call communities. In each of the four e-Studios we explore creative and natural ways to push pause and then align with the natural energies occurring on that segment of the natural wheel of the year. 

In making a shift from the harshness of the rush lane


onto the quiet path of making a peaceful life


We create a difference in our self, in the lives of those near and dear to us and by extension… we make subtle or not-so-subtle evolutionary meaning in the world.

Reflection, Drozda, photo, 2009

Since we’re all on the planet and we’re all rushing more that we want to be let’s assess the situations and circumstances that can pitch us into the bushes. We can look at the art/life through the lens of the physical, emotional and/or intuitive/spiritual areas of engagement…pick one and then…

Take a moment and ask a few questions…score yourself using a scale of 0 -10…

0 represents no association

5 will suggest that issues with the quality come and go

10 will indicate that you are ruled by the condition

If you happen to be overpowered by life, if you feel under expressed in your creative voice and if your days are basically confused your numbers will be higher than if these qualities don’t impact you much right now.

Okay…the inquiry begins: Am I:

Overpowered by my life: Am I feeling the ‘overwhelm crunch’?

Under expressed: Do I wonder how to make space for my creative time?

Confused: Do I simply want to raise my hand and yell STOP!!??

A Deep Hunger


Lifecycle seasonal e-Studios: 

 Fall Equinox: ‘Tools for Change’ 4 week: Starting September 23 

Registration now open

Four 90 minute sessions
8 PM (EDT) Wednesday, September 23, September 30, October 7, October 14

4 weeks of getting in sync with the most natural use of your art/life time.
All sessions are teleconference/recorded and available as MP3 files.

Fall/Winter: ‘Free to Be Effective’ 6 month

Spring Equinox: ‘Ages & Stages’ 4 week

Spring/Summer:  ‘Emerge & See’ 6 month

Each e-Studio stands on its own while also relating one to the next in a way that builds momentum in graceful and organic ways.

September:  ‘Tools for Change’ a 4 week e-Studio that shows us how to stretch time naturally. Time investment: 90 minutes per week live or recorded

October: ‘Free to Be Effective’ explores natural feminine time:
Time investment: 2 hours per month live or recorded

March: ‘Ages & Stages’ gives us a jump start on the new energy of spring.
Time investment: 90 minutes per week live or recorded

April: ‘Emerge & See’ 6 months of being proactive with natural masculine time:
Time investment: 2 hours per month live or recorded


wheel tapestry


My intention in bringing ‘Tools for Change’ to our community of Wise Women, Heroines and Crones is to be collaborative. I’m creating a gentle yet powerful slow shift in our attention and intention.

Share your passion for being tuned into the world that flows as it grows

In ‘Tools for Change’ we explore naturally occurring transformation. We do that by turning within toward the soothing rhythm of the inner Art/Life.

Enlisting creative tools such as





start_vision board



in simply graceful exercises we invite the lunar cycles to help us to see the symbolic power in forming a relationship with not only the eight monthly phases but also with our own unique deep inner roots and ability to endure with grace and ease…what I call the ‘endure dance’ …a true power.

Tools for Change outlines three day segments of natural time. These stretched out timelines support personal creative patterns…

Think tidal rhythm
Think blood stream flowing with effortless ease

‘Tools for Change’ tempo is in sync with a perpetual way to track time naturally. The Tools for Change e-Studio prepares us to step over a threshold into the six months of feminine receptive time. Feminine time is nurturing. Feminine time is slower and contains an elegant simplicity.

Visualize ‘Tools for Change’ as creative fuel for your naturally unfolding Art/Life

By applying our four week ‘Tools for Change’ e-Studio process you will glean a wealth of information regarding ways to creatively move, in a spiraling pattern Moon by Moon, year by year.

I invite you to make this natural time rhythm your own. Tools for Change will provide ways for you to add creative fluidity to your art/life.

Flow_timeEight phase divination cards, Drozda, 2013

Once you’ve completed a first time tour of ‘Tools’ you’ll be able to continue to spiral dance with the Natural Time of the moon cycles.  You may also choose to stay connected to ‘Tools’ each fall as a month long tune-up that will prepare the way for the 6 moons in the womb-cave of fall/winter. ‘Tools’ is never the same twice as the natural energies are ever new and fresh.

I trust that by experiencing ‘Tools for Change’ you’ll be motivated to continue to explore using this Art of Natural Time Management in all areas of your art/life. In doing so your heart and soul will discover limitless openings in which imaginative art/life ideas and inspiration unfold, blossom and evolve . . . all at a slow-flow/hushed rush natural pace for you.

Imagine the possibility!

Good medicine for our world

Please note: The audio recordings of the four Wednesday evening calls and the Follow-up and Integration PDF‘s will be posted by Kelly on our member’s website.

I will guide you to create your own reference materials using your sketchbook/workbook. Supplemental Information comes to you in PDF handouts that Kelly and I provide 3 days after each call.

‘Tools for Change’ PDF hand-outs help you stay aligned with the 8 lunar phase/steps. Your creative engagement adds to this work so that it becomes truly your own…from there you can share it by walking in balance in fresh creative ways moon after moon; year after year.

Let’s explore Natural Time Yoga symbolized by the moon…the mystical reflective orb whose elegant dance across the sky aligns us with what we call our personal ‘Tools for Change’.

Email me at any time with your personal comments or Tools for Change queries at: 


This week I invite you to leave your comments and stories about when you first felt the art/life visiting your soul as a calling and a connection to your true self…we learn together and your comments and emails in response to each week’s post keep us all refreshed on the trail.

Lookin’ UP^


See you next week with the third entry in our trail ride of Love…and very much looking forward to ‘trail riding into the sunset with you on September 23, 30, October 7 & 14…Tools for Change/Transformation…now.



I am a working Heartist with more than thirty years of practice in supporting the creative best in each of us to come forth and shineJoin the movement: make joy the vocation of your mind.


Connect with the uplift of ‘Luna See’ and Lifecycle; time management tools for aligning with natural creative rhythms. Discover and uncover the ecstatic thrill of ‘making life the master peace’.

Let’s travel together into realms of calm and renewed heart-centered emphasis.

Through our shared journey with our monthly newsletter  ‘Luna See’ and the creative consult service ‘Lifecycle’ you will discover and expand your ability to experience, express, create and contribute your deepest and wisest most authentic gifts to this unspeakably beautiful world.

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4 thoughts on “My Little Pony

  1. cindy

    I was reminded in the previous blog to “show up” as a first step to being my most Authentic Alchemical Self… not next week, not after I purge my house, not later, but right now, because now is all I have (at least in this reality) so I’m heading over to Tools for Change and trail riding into the sunset. Ooooolala, here’s to putting grace to my pace.

    • Iona Drozda

      These are wonderful actions to be taking…each will have far reaching results as we make the turn and begin moving into the deep n’ wide frontier of the inner landscape during autumn and winter weeks ahead.

  2. Sara Linda

    Sign me up ^. I am very excited to participate in the upcoming Tools For Change e-studio. It comes at the most perfect time. The next 6 months hold great potential for me and having the added support of being in the flow of effortless ease will greatly enhance the journey. To experience feminine time and the creative ways you approach it is always beneficial. We are at the eve of Rosh Hashona, the Jewish New Year; an opportune time to start new things. Also, a time to glance back at the last cycle/year and take stock. To see what to keep and what to shed. I have a yearning to make changes and here you are offering the tools! Hooray for synchronicity. In responding to your questions, my score was high enough to take notice. Clarity, expression and groundedness are worthy and necessary goals relating to this year’s theme of self-care. I’m looking forward to being with you and the other buckeroos and buckarettes on the Tools For Change trail ride.

    • Iona Drozda

      ~ Great to hear from you Sara ~
      Your journey sounds exciting and I’m so happy that you’ll be adding in the ‘mellowing’ tools that will add to the transformation for us all.

      Thanks for following the registration link on the blog post…takes you right over to PayPal…easy.

      Kelly will send over the log in info so you can get into our members site…she’ll do that as we get closer to the 23rd of September.

      Yippe i ooo…


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