Moving into the Mystery

Happy New ‘Cleansing’ Moon!

Welcome to many new readers joining us on the slow-flow art/life trail.

Temple Door, Drozda, Acrylic/panel, 24 x 18″, Private collection

It’s good to travel together going deep into the gold mine.

During the six moon/months between fall and spring equinox our journey takes us in and down. We visualize a gold mine. In we go. We sink deep and find the depths of the feminine Underworld. Here we reconnect to roots and replenishment. For six moon/months we rest and revitalize our relationship with the Unseen. Our Inner Companions and Guides lead us deeper and deeper into instinctive/intuitive knowing.

Following the six moon/months of the inward turn, at spring equinox we come Top-Side. We stretch and reach up and out. Between spring and fall we actively engage in our next spiral dance… upward-and-outward. We advance by listening to the prompts; sharing gifts and talents in ways we would not have imagined had we not slowed the pace and felt the grace of this time in the gold mine within.

Natural Year by Natural Year in this gentle way each of us aligns with signs and signals that support our evolving contribution. At each turn of the winter solstice we find that we are…

Moving Through the North Gate

The Gate, Drozda, Acrylic/panel, 48 x 36″

This week we step fully into the Mystery. Moving through the deep feminine time of the creative/Natural Year we imagine open mind like empty cup. Fifteen minutes each day in the stillness can fill the cup with instinctive/intuitive guidance. The weeks from now until spring and the Aries New Moon of March 27, 2017 are natural for relinquishment, realignment and renewal as we will explore here on the trail.

At this Northern most point of the Natural Year there is much inner/ancestral support. Throughout the 12 weeks leading up to spring equinox the opportunity is for sensing into what has matured since the current Natural Year began with the Aries New Moon of April 7, 2016.

Noting what you have met and what you have accomplished will carry you across the threshold fully into the Mystery. Together we will mine the gold of the ‘Cleansing’, ‘Renewal’ and ‘Purity’ moon cycles. Each in turn will set the tone for your renewed seed vision leading to what you will midwife and birth come spring. 


Esperance (detail), Drozda, Acrylic/canvas, 72 x 54″

The twelve months/thirteen moons before us are for developing courage, confidence, balance and stability. By September 2017 you will have evidence of what you have mastered. There’s a good deal of ‘walking in the dark’ to be embraced during the Mystery weeks.

The Mystery only lets you see the next step…then the next.

Look toward the horizon. See if you can begin to sense into the coming decade (2017-2027). Begin to open the creative track composed of new pathways. Imagine new paths for your physical, emotional and spiritual encounters. Being with the Mystery each day for 15 minutes begin to create the vision of what you choose to experience.

Dreamboat, Drozda, Acrylic/wood, 18 x 24″, Private collection

With each post between fall and spring equinox I share two prayer/poems from my book Twenty Two Prayer Poems for Care Givers

Being Free

‘Become free. Become free.
Become free of attachment.’

Dear One,

Thank You for the ability today to give all of my burdens to You.
You are my whole mind. You are my integrated mind.
You never leave me comfortless.

I am so pleased to have this opportunity to open my mind.
I welcome and remember that You are ever
Closer than my hands and closer than my feet.

Live with me.
Teach with me.
Today I practice thinking with You.

As I move through this day responding to needs and wants
Whether they are my own or those of others near me
Send in the Mighty Companions to surround.
Carry us all as though we are moving down 
A quiet path in summer.

All that I am and all that I have I give to you this day.
May I feel the lightness of freedom from
Attachment to any person, place or thing.
You Beloved are my only substance
You Beloved are my only supply
You Beloved are my only support.

I release all and all to You
I rest in equanimity, free from attachment and aversion.



“You are my whole mind, my integrated mind.
You never leave me comfortless.”


Dear Beloved,

As I move into the day before me
I ask for a deep and gentle balance.
I ask for the ability to release my arrogance.
Assist me please in correcting my own mistakes.

I am no longer interested in pouring energies
Out onto areas of emotional insecurity and neediness.
Send in the Mighty Companions and Holy Helpers.
Teach me true responsibility.

As I move through this day I seek to do no harm.
Monitor my thoughts, my words and my actions.
I am willing to take total responsibility for the emotions of my day.
When I am challenged help me to remember to use the circumstance
As a path to take me back to You.
When I am confused remind me to give over every aspect of my need to know.

The Call to return to my devotion to the Highest
This is the only Voice I ask to hear today.
May the quality of this day be enriched by true balance.
May all whom I meet feel the energy of calm.
For today I celebrate my relationship with You.


Night Star, Drozda, white ink/black Strathmore, 10 x 8″

Next time on the art/life trail we’ll consider what needs to be cleared. 

As we step into the Mystery I invite you to consider going deep into your roots to find the treasure, the gold, hidden from view. I invite you to engage the Mystery to align with your mission as a Creative and Evolutionary NEW beginning is being ushered in.

On January 5 my yearly gift of The Lifecycle Forecast will be emailed to you. The Forecast provides a creative touchstone for your journey round the Natural Calendar moon by moon.

It is both challenging and meaningful to become NEW! Becoming New is a mindset. We realize that challenges; be they boulders on the path or demons dancing around the bed in the predawn…any crisis and the fear visiting…is part of your creative potential to grow beyond the edge place where we all currently stand. What needs to be done? The Creative Mystery knows.

Please forward and share this post with those that you would like to support in slowing their pace by adding grace to their creative rhythm.

Be the Here-O

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