Arts Aid for Hidden Heroes

Welcome to the art/life trail. I’m so happy that you are here. In our own lives we have the opportunity…and we might even admit, the responsibility…to be HERE now.   Not beside ourselves Not ‘over there’ somewhere BE HERE NOW This week I had the joy of sharing a Visual Journal seminar with a small […]

It’s About Time to Create Progress without Pressure…

Welcome to the art/life trail. Today I share a gift to support your movement into the quieting time of the Natural Year. Monday, October 16 I begin and I invite you to be there for the 8-Day ‘It’s About Time’ Challenge Each day during the challenge I’ll post a short video with a creative way to […]

Experience Your Experience

Welcome to the art/life trail and the mid point in our current moon/month! In October something wonderful emerges. There is a shift happening and this unsteady, wobble point gives the gift and the opportunity to consciously reflect on where you have come from in the past 180 days. Look back, in review, to note what […]

Experience the Love…

Welcome to the art/life trail… I’m so glad that you are here for a joyful celebration of the equinox! Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, we enter the West Gate on the Natural Calendar.  Experience in October leads to Introspection in November. By then you will have the frame work for how to move fluidly into […]

Love Is

Welcome to the art/life trail! I’m so glad that you are here. I welcome you if you are a new reader! Many of us are curious regarding the ways in which we can line up with our personal creative drive. Many of us yearn to leap beyond self-doubt and self-sabotage to be recognized and actualized […]

The Dark Side of the Sun

Welcome to the art/life trail ride! I’m so glad that you are here! We are moving toward fall. Time to notice where you’re feeling scattered. It’s been a busy action-packed spring and summer.   Begin to breathe the change of the season deep down into your feet. Feel anchored. Time to be settling down Time […]

Name the Shadow

Welcome to the August art/life trail! We are engaged in the 30 Day Trust Challenge! Solar Eclipse Let’s get to know the shadow. Face it. Name it. Get to know it. Trust is not for the hesitant or the insecure. Trust requires stamina and focus. To remain Trusting requires maturity on the one hand and […]

The August Grace of the Greening Force Pace

The Greening Force is a Feminine Power defined as the natural organic inclination to grow, give birth, midwife a part that we may have yearned and dreamed to experience. Being Present, Drozda, Acrylic/canvas, private collection Think of the Greening Force as a creative tool throughout the fast paced summer months. The opportunity during this ‘make […]

Explore Your Greening Force_ Part 1-4 Audio Recordings

Welcome to the art/life trail…It’s so great to have you here! As we move out of the Growth Challenge moon/month we turn toward August where we engage our 30 Day Trust Challenge on the Natural Calendar. Trust, and the idea of trusting our self, others, and life is a tricky-wicket for many of us! As […]

Part 4: Explore Your Greening Force

Welcome to the art/life trail…I’m so happy that you are here! As we continue engaging our 30 Day Growth Challenge consider the commitment to your growing edge. Notice your commitment to moving forward and blossoming. Be honest….growth can bring up resistance. The journal prompts included in teleseminar Part 3: Explore Your Greening Force (audio link […]