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“Art is not a privilege.
Art is the soul of our civilization;
the beating heart of our humanity;
a miracle to which we all should bear witness,
over and over again.”

Darren Walker


Cat at Night, MOCA Saturday in the Studio 7 year old artist, 2013



Virginia MOCA 2018

Saturday in the Studio

Lola_turtle_MOCA2016Young artists explore the museum grounds and galleries observing and creating a portfolio of 2-dimensional works on paper, cardboard, collage and canvas. Each week includes demonstration covering techniques with a variety of artist tools; drawing pencils, charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor, tempera, resist painting as well as mono prints. Additionally each young artist is given the opportunity to discover more about his or her creative interests by exploring their own ideas.
Saturday in the Studio gives young artists the opportunity to design and create their own artwork from start to finish. Students will be guided through concept development to the creation of their two or three-dimensional works of art. Young artists will seek inspiration from the works on display in the museum galleries and through their own individual research. Problem solving is supported so that students may successfully complete their artistic vision.

moca_batik   scot-owl_sis_2016 petersketching_moca2016


Introduction to Drawing (Ages 13-17)

Drawing is a fundamental artistic skill. Most great works of art begin with a simple sketch.This course will cover the fundamentals of drawing including value, line, positive and negative space, perspective and composition.  A variety of subject matter is explored using pencil and charcoal, and other drawing materials.Students will also explore their creative voice through exercises in expression and creativity. Please bring pencil and paper; supplies will be discussed in more detail during the first class.

Members $100, Nonmembers $115

January 12 to February 16
Fridays, 4 – 6pm
6 Weeks